Thursday, February 17, 2011

We have toilets

Well, my obsession with our house led me out there again today (I mean seriously, it's not like I am in law school or anything). Nonetheless, I not only made a trip to our home but also the model home.

Link to Pictures

I included a few pictures of the model to show friends and family what the house will look like.

So...a post by M.Weidner wouldn't be complete without some complaint; this time it is the lighting (kitchen and foyer).

I thought the dishwasher looked cheap, well the lights have nothing on the dishwasher. Again, probably our fault, but it would have been nice if someone would have told us to upgrade. Like "Hey, Megan, Scott, I know you are on a tight budget, but serioulsy, the $400 for recessed lighting in the kitchen is well worth it...".

I know that you can upgrade and then find yourselves $30,000 over budget, but a few extra hundred to make a nice kitchen even nicer would have been worth it. For anyone who is considering a Ryan Home or in the process of making their selections: invest in lighting and as I think of other necessary "upgrades", I will post those suggestions as well.


Never knew buying a refrigerator would be so complicated! Five trips to Lowe's and a Consumer Reports' subscription later, still no fridge. Maybe we can just bury our food in the snow outside until we make a decision. Living in Ohio has to be good for something...right?

Night ya'll (see still have my Southern influence).


  1. I love seeing model pictures, so thanks for posting. The good news is is that light fixtures are easy to fix, I really like all of your brushed nickel fixtures.

  2. Is it just me or do I not see pics or a link? By the way, we just got a refrigerator last night. Home Depot and Best Buy have great sales going on. If your interested in ours, pics on the blog, I can give you the item number.

    Now only if we can settle on a washer and dryer. Oh another suggestion, if you have a home and garden show coming up real soon check them out. Appliance stores should be there. We're going to our local one to buy our washer, dryer, vacuum, microwaveand possibly a dishwasher.

  3. K M stop getting up so early and posting before me, lol. Well I'm glad you did because I didn't realize "Pictures" was a link. Sigh...

  4. That foyer light is pretty bad. I can't believe they would put something like that in. I am anxious to see what ours looks like. We upgraded our dishwasher to a stainless steel package and I think ours looks cheap too. :(

  5. I didn't realize it at first either, 2011! And sorry about the posting, but I'm an addict. I have to get my fix as soon as I wake up!

  6. LMAO...Well im glad im not the only addict!!! Megan those lights are just so wrong....When my sales rep told me about em, I upgraded immediately!

  7. I feel better that 1. everyone else thinks the lights look cheap and 2. that they are easy to change.

    One. More. Trip. To. Lowes...hahaha. We are going back tomorrow and making our final decision. Lowes is having a pretty good sale and we should be able to get a pretty nice fridge for about $600 off. We've narrowed it down to a Maytag, Electrolux, or a Frigdedair. Wish me luck! If we don't have a fridge by Sunday, I might pull my hair out.

    Oh...and I'm obsessed with the blogs too. :-)

  8. Megan, I suggest not going with Frigdedair. My parents have all of their appliances by them and they've had nothing but problems.

    India we're going with a Miele canister vacuum. Their price point for the canisters are comparable to Dyson, but they have better reviews. Daniel was skeptical at first, but once he saw it in action, he's now a fan.

    Am I the only one who doesn't care about the light fixtures?

  9. I've also heard negative things about Frigidaire. That's probably why they always seemed to be priced lower than other brands. As for the lights, the ugly "mushroom" lights in the foyer and hallways are easily replaceable. We bought some oil rubbed bronze fixtures at Costco for $25 each...I think there is a picture on my blog. We got recessed lights in the kitchen so I can't give too much advice on what to do there but I think a pendant light would look good over your sink. Anyway, good luck!

  10. I will stay away from Frigidaire! I like the Maytag the best anyway.

    Natalie, I remember seeing the lights on your blog. Glad to hear they are easy to replace. I've never been to a Costco, but I will be looking for one.

  11. Hi Megan,
    We are building a Veince in your neighborhood on Royalty :) We love reading your blog...can't wait to move in the neighborhood...we drive there all the time just looking at our
    We see your kids out playing all the time...can't wait to have block party's :) We have a new born little boy...he is 2 months old.

  12. April! Welcome to the neighborhood! It's awesome; the neighbors are SO nice. Next time you see us out, please stop and say hello! You can look at our Venice model.