Sunday, September 15, 2013

Simple, yet Chaotic Life

I think my life is pretty simple.  My parents and in-laws would most definitely disagree with me but, really it comes down to happiness:  What makes me happy?

My children.  My husband.  Friends and extended family.  A rewarding career. Opportunity. Fun. Health. And kindness.

I want the latter six for me, my children, husband, friends and extended family.  Simple right?

Every weekend is chaotic, but it's because we choose to keep going at full speed.  Well, honestly, I keep going at full speed and Scott must come along for the ride.  He's much more laid back then me.  He's ok with taking a nap, watching some football and maybe, just maybe not having every flipping Saturday booked and planned.  Not me.  I have too much to do in my life and too little time. 

This weekend hasn't been any different:  Football, soccer and a football party.  I invited the team and their parents over for pizza and a bonfire.  SO MUCH FUN!!!  Jackson ended the very late night by asking if we could do it again! Everyone had fun.  Everyone left smiling and hopefully are having a fabulous Sunday.  I feel blessed with the opportunity to host a party for my son and his friends. Simple.