Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Are we going to take the beds?"

After I picked Aida up from preschool, the girls and I drove out the house. Aida asked a million questions, ranging from "Where are the tractors?" to "Why is the road muddy?" My most favorite question was, "Are we going to take the beds?" (Imagine this in the sweetest 3-yr old girl voice). Apparently she didn't want to sleep on the floor in the new house.

We watched the insulation guys smoke and eat lunch for about ten minutes. I decided this was boring, so we left and drove out to the model house to get some inspiration and have a couple of questions answered. I drove an extra 10 miles out to the model only to find it locked, dark, and rep-less, even though the sign out front said "Model Open" and listed the hours as Monday 12-7 (the time was 12:47). PURE IRRITATION! I called our sales rep to see why the model was closed and he wasn't at his model either. Seriously?!?! All I'm saying is don't list your hours as open if you clearly don't plan on being open.

Later that afternoon Scott met with our PM (who again is the saving grace in this experience), so the kids and I drove back out to our house to take a few pictures.

I couldn't believe the smoking/eating insulation guys had finished the insulation! The house is really starting to come together. Tomorrow the county will come out and inspect. Thursday the drywall will begin and Friday siding will begin. In the past week, I have gotten so anxious for the house to be completed. I can't wait to move!


Scott, Ivie, and PM standing in the morning room.

Looking out the morning room windows at the backyard.

My office. Looking through what will be the french doors.

Looking into the kitchen. The mud room is to the right.

Insulation in the ceiling of the garage. This was one of my concerns since growing up I had a bedroom above the garage and it was always SO cold.

Front left side of the house ("The Vicki Window").


A winter storm is heading towards C-bus: Rain, freezing rain, sleet, snow and thunder, yes thunder (I think the meteorologists throw out every possible type of precipitation and storm just to make sure they get it right...I know the tricks of the trade). I hope Jackson has a snow day or at least a late start tomorrow. If so I get to sleep in!!! Come on rain/freezing rain/sleet/snow/thunder.


  1. I've gone to models before without the rep being there. I know it sucks. For this reason I call ahead before I go to the model.

    Congrats on the progress on the house

  2. What a cute comment about the beds...ah the mind of a three year old! :) Everything looks great! How annoying about the model not being open when you went. What is the point of having set hours when somone isn't actually at the house when they are suppose to be right?

  3. That same thing happnened to my husband yesterday! He went to get the key for our house and no one was there. Luckily, it was unlocked. I love your daughter's comment. That's why I love teaching. Kids say the best things.