Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Construction has begun!

We drove by yesterday and construction has officially begun! The tractors are in place, a small hole was dug and a few stakes were put in place. Jackson didn't quite understand that the house would take a while to be completed. He said "Where is our house?"

Besides the house, the Weidners are enjoying a relaxing week. Scott's hours at work have gone back to "normal" and I have time to hang out with the kids and Scott. I even baked cookies and homemade Reese peanut butter cups last week and Grandma Rock's spaghetti sauce last night. In fact, I helped Scott with dinner too (we had Gyros). And yes this is Megan Leigh Rock speaking. I will say that making the cookies last week, my first batch of sugar cookies I forgot a stick and a half of butter. And my dad informed me today that I forgot a whole can of tomato puree for the sauce. Sooooooo....I may not be the best cook, but I do try.

I lost the charger to my camera, so I had to take pictures of the house with the camcorder, so they might be a little fuzzy. I also wanted to show the kids wearing their matching Nike suits courtesy of Mimi and Grandpa Weidner. The lighting is really bad since the camcorder doesn't have a flash.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Weidners are building a home

Ok...Scott has been reading blogs about Ryan Homes for a month now. He wouldn't start a blog; so I am!

Hopefully I'll remember to keep up with this. Right now I have all the time in the world, but I know when I start classes the blog will most likely get pushed to the side. Hopefully, Scott will take over at that point.

So for those who don't know: We are building a house! It is called the Venice. You can check out the floor plan at Once you get to the site you can look at the floorplan and take a virtual tour. We are doing Elevation A with partial brick on the front. In the kitchen we will have the morning room and gourmet island. Instead of a dining room we, I should say I, will have an office with french doors (nice!). Upstairs we upgraded the master bathroom to the garden tub and stand up shower.

Location, location, location!!!
Our new address will be 113 Princess Street (hence the blog title). Can you believe that! Aida thinks we are building her a castle. The subdivision is called Preserve at Royal Oaks and butts up to a preserve. Right now there are about 10 other homes in the neighborhood but most of the lots are vacant. We have one of the biggest lots in the neighborhood: .4o acres! The house is being built so close to the road that we will have a HUGE backyard.

We are moving east of Columbus, which means our commutes will be increased by about 15 minutes. Even though we will have a little extra driving, it suits us. We learned we are not city dwellers. We like a country setting, rather than the worries and closeness of city living. We will be in Pataskala which is located in western Licking County. Jackson will attend Southwest Licking County schools next fall.

Breaking Ground:

Scott met with the Project Manager yesterday. Today they break ground. The house is scheduled to be complete March 17th.

Overall Feelings:

We have a whirlwind of emotions: We are excited, anxious, nervous, scared, and annoyed. Of course we are excited to build a brand new home, but nervous about taking on such a large responsibility. We are scared only because we don't know what the future holds (no one does...right?). And we are annoyed because we haven't had the best experience with our realtor and her husband the builder (that's right folks, our realtor is sleeping with the Ryan Homes builidng rep). That is a long story and I will save it for another post. But besides that, when the home is built, I'm sure we will be so excited to have a new home and castle for Aida and the rest of us (I list Aida only because if you know Aida, you know we are all apart of HER world).

Here are some pictures of our lot.

Stay tuned!