Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Internet and Social Media

I am going to rant, so just bear with me. I have so many other things to worry about in my life, but for some reason I get sucked into the Internet and social media only to get pissed and irritated at the stupidity of people I've become acquaintances with over the years.

Before I begin here is my disclaimer: If you are family. This does not apply to you. If I've known you for more than ten years and we've talked more than twice in the last ten years, this does not apply to you. If I've commented, positively, on any of your statuses in the last year, this does not apply to you.

So maybe it's my fault. I know I don't have to friend everyone and usually I don't. There are lots of people from high school that I just simply don't remember that I have politely ignored their request. I like Facebook to catch up with old and new friends. I'm happy to hear about your kids, jobs, school, and nights of partying. I'm happy to see pictures of your kids, weddings, vacations, and nights out on the town. What I don't want is your daily rants about society, politics, how much you dislike Obama and how black people are abusing the system. I also don't care to hear about all the praying that you do (because you are SUCH a good Christian/Jew/Muslim). I also don't care to see pictures of you and your significant other tonguing each other right after you wake up in the morning. Lastly, there is no reason, as grown adults, that we should be spelling "ur" "u" or "jus". If you are SO smart that you know how the country should be run, please, please, make yourself look a little smarter and spell out simple words.

In general, I find Facebook and the Internet very annoying. The Internet is just a anonymous forum for all the racist, homophobic, sexist elistist to post their politically-incorrect thoughts. Those that are little more brave post their racist, homophobic, sexist elitist thoughts on Facebook. I recently decided to spend more time on Twitter and I find this a much better forum. Most of the people I follow on Twitter I don't know. This is refreshing.

I'm sure seven years ago before Facebook was open to all us commoners it was a much better place. Now Generation X and Baby Boomers have cluttered its pages with political rants and religious commentaries. Why can't we just use Facebook for fun? Post a few pictures, tell us what you're doing and where you're going. Tell me something funny. Show me something funny. Let me know when your favorite team wins or loses, but for goodness sakes stop with the controversial, uncomfortable crap.

If you don't "like" this, unfriend me. If you don't "like" the pictures of my kids, unfriend me. Facebook is about catching up with old and new friends, not making your old and new friends feel uncomfortable.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mini Black!

Pee Wee football is over. The tense Saturday afternoons, worrying about Scott yelling expletives at the coach and other parents, and three-nights-a-week practices are over. I thought about putting an exclamation point, but now that it is actually done, well, it's kind of sad (Well except for being worried about Scott embarrassing me): I thoroughly enjoyed watching Jackson play. I started to get to know the other parents and Jackson was just starting to really understand the game.

Mini Black lost today, but the boys improved tremendously over the season. Jackson became a decent football player. Today he had a good blocks and tackles and ran the ball twice for a couple of first downs. Dare I say: I am looking forward to next season! (Exclamation point)

As for everyone else: The Weidners visited this weekend to see Jackson play so the kids had fun with their grandparents and Scott and I had a chance to go to dinner last night. Aida is Aida and Ivie is really becoming her own little person. I have an Evidence midterm tomorrow that I'm just not sure about. I know the rules, but I seem to have trouble applying the requirements. I hope something clicks by tomorrow at 6 p.m. Scott...well, it's football season...need I say more?!?

Jackson and I being tough.

Three generations of Weidner boys.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Catch Up

Well. It's not that I have neglected my followers (I say followers like I have crowds of people sitting impatiently in front of the computer screen waiting for me to talk about nothing), we have been super, duper, insanely busy lately .


Scott had an employee up and quit about three weeks ago. Because of the grill cook's unexpected departure, he has been doing extra work which entails extra hours. After working long hours and answering responses to his craigslist ad, I think he finally has caught up. Today he stated, several times, "This is the best day ever." Now, as much as I like to think he said this because we've had a nice family day, I'm a realist and I realize it is because for the past seven hours he has burrowed himself into the corner of our couch, flipping between various college football games and the Cardinals' game, while me (his wife) didn't say a word to him (because I'm busy working on school), his son is at a friend's house and the girls have been quietly playing by themselves. I suppose after a rough few weeks at work, I'm cool with whatever makes him happy.


Jackson has adjusted well to school and his busy football schedule. The first few weeks were rough, but he seems to be doing much better. He is doing better in school and slowly making progress on the football field. He is still a little timid when it comes to tackling and blocking, but I think once the concept that he actually has to hit people "clicks", he will be a very good ball player. Tonight he is spending the night with one of his teammates. This was a HUGE step for me. This is the first time he has spent the night at friend's house. I think I handled it surprisingly well. I miss him though.

AidaAida is back in school as well. She has preschool two days a week, dance once a week, and music every other week. She has grown up so much in the past couple of months.


Ivie has started to walk! She learned, just this weekend, that walking is way more fun than her funky hitch crawl. She has been walking, rather drunkenly, around the house. I can't believe my baby, my last child is walking!


Well, this time around law school isn't as "fun" or "exciting", but it is not as excruciatingly hard either. Now, don't get me wrong, it is hard and a shit ton of work, but this year, since I know what to expect, I have managed my work load much, much better. I've already started preparing myself for finals, which I think has made the end less scary. I still spend most of my time briefing, outlining, and preparing for class, but I do this with much more confidence than I did last year. This semester I am taking Constitutional Law, Evidence, and Civil Procedure.