Friday, March 18, 2011

Hanging Out in Peoria, IL

The Weidner group is currently hanging out in Peoria, IL, watching basketball, drinking beer (those of us over the age of 21), playing Rock Band, and having a great time. Some of Scott's high school and college friends get together every year to watch March Madness (I'm currently sitting in the basement with five TVs in front of me, all with a different game showing) and drink beer. Since we now live in Ohio, we were only six hours away from Peoria and could make the drive. We got in last night about 11:30 p.m. The drive was uneventful and not too long. The laughs haven't stopped since we walked in the door (except for Scott and Aida who are currently napping).

We have officially been in the house one week. The move last weekend went very smoothly. A BIG HUGE THANK YOU to Don, Sharon, my dad, Janell, Tony, Marc, and Angela for helping us with the move. Without all of the help, the rental would not be completely cleaned out and also cleaned thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

So far, we LOVE the house! It is so cozy and spacious. The garage is still filled with boxes and there is miscellaneous clutter everywhere, but slowly we are putting things away. I am very anxious to start painting and decorating; the house has so much potential.

I am officially on Spring Break, which means a break in classes, but not a break in studying and working on a paper and my outlines. My Legal Research and Writing professor conveniently assigned a research memo due in two weeks. The outline is due March 28th. I am thankful to have a week of not having to go to class. This semester has gone really fast; I only have about four more weeks of classes.

So that is it. I guess I should go check on my kids who have been playing with five other kids ages eight to eighteen months.

(I have posted a few pictures of the clutter on my other blog. Click HERE)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Homeowners Again!'s over. We made it and we are once again homeowners! We closed today on our home and received the keys.

Here is Scott entering the code on the keypad!The kids sitting in our new living room.
The big moving day is Saturday. Our moving crew consists of my dad and Don (the professionals), Scott, Marc, and Tony (the apprentices) and Janell, Sharon, and me (the supervisors). Tomorrow the walls are being painted. On Friday the appliances and couch are being delivered and Directv and the internet are being installed. Soooooo much going on in the Weidner household!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Blog

I started a new blog:

This way all of the Ryan Home Bloggers don't have to hear about everything else going on in my life. Everyone can add this link to their Ryan Home family blog list and follow.

Tomorrow's the walk-through!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The End is in Sight

So there it is, the finished product! Monday we have our final walk-through and the closing is on Wednesday. My in-laws will be here tomorrow to help with the move and hang out for the week.

The Tub

The plumber moved the faucet to the left side. The holes were filled in and looks like a brand new tub.

The Fireplace

Our change from slate to Venetian Gold back in December didn't make its way to our Project Manager, so when I asked him about the color surrounding the fireplace, he had no idea that the slate was wrong. We haven't been inside the house since Tuesday, but he said it would be changed by Friday.

The End of the Process

I am SO excited to move. I am excited to finish up this home buying/building process and maybe be able to think about something else. I'm not sure what Scott and I will talk about since for the last six months all we have talked about are homes, interest rates, colors, designs, and mortgages (and occasionally the kids). Needless to say this process has consumed me and I'll be happy to have half my brain back.

My List

A fellow blogger posted thirty things that she was looking forward to in the house over the last thirty days of her building process. Although, I am not as dedicated as KM, I did want to list a few things I am looking forward to:

1. MORE BATHROOMS. Currently with a family of five people we have one bathroom. Scott and I will now be able to shower in peace without one of the kids inevitably needing to go the bathroom. No more huddling into one bathroom to brush teeth, brush hair, and get ready.

2. BIGGER KITCHEN. Right now our kitchen is so small with no counter space. Scott likes to cook and is a great cook (and I like to eat), but with the small kitchen he hasn't done much cooking. I think with the bigger kitchen he will get back to cooking so I can back to eating. Also, we like to entertain and with house we live in now we haven't been able to have friends and family over.

3. PLAY AREA FOR THE KIDS. Instead of our family room being a football field, basketball court, dance studio, and art studio, the kids will have their own space. The new rule at the new house will be no toys in the family room (we'll see if I'm actually able to enforce this).

4. A NICE NEIGHBORHOOD. Can't wait to have a neighborhood again where I feel comfortable letting the kids play outside by themselves.

5. HAVING PRIDE IN OUR HOME. I'm looking forward to having projects again. With renting a house, I didn't have motivation to try to make the house better. I'm looking forward to decorating each room and working on projects with Scott again.

I'm sure there are many more.

Just a few more days and we will be homeowners again!