Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Making Progress

House Update:

We have cabinets, countertops, and vinyl flooring! I went by today to look at the progress and the painter was finishing up on the trim. All of the doors were hung. I love the cabinets, countertops and flooring. I think we chose great colors. I have a couple of concerns:

1. The french doors to the office don't have glass. I don't know if this will be changed, but it looks cheap. No one ever said what kind of french doors we would have or showed us a picture, so I guess its our fault for not inquiring. I hope the glass was just covered so the guy could paint.

2. I think the same flooring from the kitchen was installed in the upstairs bathrooms and laundry room. This is actually a good thing, since we went with the cheap stuff in those rooms, but I don't want to get charged for someone else's mistake.

3. There was a small crack in the molding by the breakfast bar.

4. There looks to be a few shingles loose on the roof.

Besides these things, I am happy, happy, happy. I am so excited to get in this house and be done with the process. Again, I'm sure the end product will be lovely, but the whole process has been stressful.



Aida had a skating party on Sunday morning. Here she is working the floor: Video.


We had a really nice weekend. Jackson bowled on Saturday. Sunday we received visitors: Nana, Nanny, Papa, Marc, Angela, and Amaya. We had a great time just hanging out and eating fried chicken. It's weekends like this that make me so happy to be closer to family.


  1. Hey Megan!!! Everything looks good!!! Im happy to see the maple spice cabinets....Are those the 42inch cabinets or are those standard size? I finally got to see the maple spice against the butter rum???

  2. Your lot is amazing! I love how big it is.
    India, We also have the maple spice cabinets are 42 inch. These look smaller so I am guessing these are the standard size.

  3. Thanks Jen for the comment on my blog also...We are locking tomorrow...Yeah the 42inch cabinets was an incentive for us...

  4. Yes maple spice and butter rum...together. No 42 inch, just standard. I'm short and couldn't even reach the top shelf on the 42 inch. :-)

  5. The french doors will have glass (if it's anything like our house)--ours were covered up as well and removed just prior to our final walk through. It looks very pretty when the glass is in. You must be getting so excited!

  6. Is your fireplace Slate? If so, I made Daniel come upstairs just to look at your fireplace. That's what we got too.

  7. Mindi...my husband thinks they will be glass too. I feel much better about it.

    2011...well, they are supposed to be the cultured marble. We originally had chosen slate, but our flooring rep told us we could change (without paying, which I later found out was an upgrade). Our sales rep didn't seem real happy about the change. So we'll see what we actually end up with.