Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just what the world needs is another lawyer.

So what does law school do to people that lawyers become so disliked? Well, for me, I now see negligence in every act by every person. Scott, you HAVE to brush ALL of the snow off of your car...the snow may blow off, impeding someone's vision, causing an accident and you will get sued for negligence. I know that if I decide to use my scissors as a can opener and cut myself then sue for products liability, I will lose. I read entire contracts: credit cards, HIPPA, insurance, doesn't matter, if it says sign, I read it - word - for - word. I spell out numerals, i.e., one versus 1. And, I just called the mortgage title company to inquire about easements. Really??? Who does these sorts of things? Attorneys and attorneys in training. Everywhere I look there is a potential lawsuit. So with this house, I needed to make sure that there isn't a sewer line for lot six running underneath our house. Now most normal people wouldn't think of such a thing. But after sitting through two classes discussing a case from 1938 where a homeowner didn't inquire about the plumbing and later had raw sewage backup in his basement, only to have the court say, "Too bad, a reasonable person would have inquired about where the sewer lines run. You have plumbing don't you?".

After class I asked my Property Professor if the inquiry notice would apply to modern day cases where we take things like plumbing for granted, because surely a reasonable person in 2011 wouldn't have to inquire about why their toilet flushes, right?. Well, like everything else in law school, I was wrong. It is my duty as a home owner to make a "reasonable inquiry". So that lead me to calling NVR to ask a ridiculous question about easements.

And attorneys wonder why the rest of world hates them.

I have a midterm on Friday in Contracts. Now most law school classes do not give mid-terms. In most classes the grade is based on one three-hour final at the end of the semester. Some might think that sounds awful and stressful and it is, but a midterm that is only worth 10% of your grade kind of gives you the same feeling as slow left lane drivers: Annoying. You deal with it for awhile until you can pass the driver. You know if you pass the driver, in reality it's not going to make your trip go any faster.
This professor in particular has been teaching at the law school for thirty years! He not only thinks that contract law is "easy", but loves the Socratic method of teaching and clearly midterms.


Well, the rain/freezing rain mix hit Columbus early this morning. Jackson had a snow day....woohoo!!! As the temperatures drops tonight, the rain is supposed to freeze again. In addition to more freezing rain, snow is forecasted overnight. Maybe another snow day tomorrow?

So that is all that is happening in the Weidner household.

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  1. The good news is, it's not just lawyers who would make that call. I work in the mortgage business and I was going to ask about easements, make sure we have owner's title and get a survey. I think that's the bare minimum I have to do. Granted, I know this because I'm in the industry.

    Good luck with your midterm.