Friday, February 25, 2011

Another week down...

Unlike their mama, Jackson, Aida, and Ivie can never get enough of Lowe's. I took this picture on the trip we finally scored (I should say agreed on) a refrigerator. Now a few people said to stay away from Frigidaire, but I looked at Consumer Reports and the ratings were pretty good, so that is what we ended up with. It wasn't our first choice, but our first choice was $600 more.

Today Scott and I finally made it to the house together so that we could measure the windows. Now I get to order blinds! The carpet is installed and everything is pretty much ready to go except for finishing touch ups. The carpet we chose is cheap, cheap, CHEAP, but really it is ok. We purposely chose the cheapest carpet knowing that three kids will destroy it in the next three years. But boy does it look cheap!

Ok... so other bloggers, family, friends...please tell me does this look right??? Clearly the faucet is in the wrong place, right? We think so. We'll see what Ryan Homes says about this.
Here are the rest of the pictures from our visit today: Pictures
This week flew by, as does every week. I am SO busy with school. I remember this point in the semester last semester: I am overwhelmed and tired, but still have eight weeks to go.
The kids are doing great. Jackson received his report card today and is either meeting or exceeding in all areas! Aida is still enjoying her school and had a chance to listen to her heart this week with a stethoscope. It was very entertaining to hear her version of what they did and how she heard her stomach and heart. Ivie is really developing. She is still doing her pimp crawl (one legged) and is so curious about the world and her brother and sister. Scott is also doing well. I am proud of him for making it through our unnecessary "Welcome to Ohio horrible winter."
Ten days until our final walk through, twelve days until closing and fifteen days until moving day!!! Oh and eight days until the Weidners come to visit!


  1. Lookin good girl..that carpet doesnt look tooooo bad. :) Your house is in the same direction as mine... :) So the pics help me out alot!!! :)

  2. I agree the carpet doesn't look bad. To be honest when we made our selections we both said the carpet looks like the one in our townhouse and we rent. It hasn't been an issue for us.

    I agree about the bath tub faucet. I'll bring this up to our PM. I looked at our model pics that FM posted and in both of those the faucets are in the corner near the vanity. Where they put yours is inconvenient. IMO, if they put it in the same spot, but on the other side it will be perfect (I'm going to ask they do this for our tub). Let us know what they say.

  3. We have the same final walk through and closing as you! That is a strange place to put the faucet on the tub, hopefully they can fix it for you.

  4. Yeah they marked where ours was gonna be already....thats insane...there gonna have to order a whole new tub...

  5. The house looks fantastic and the carpet doesn't look bad. Remember the goal is to get your through those years when the kids are tough on the carpet...spills and such. I am surprised where they put the faucets on your tub. That is the first time I have seen them put it dead center on the side you get in from. It is usually in one of the front corners. Everything else looks awesome...these next 15 days are going to fly by.

  6. Our PM said the faucet could be moved without replacing the whole tub. He just said that "some plumbers put the faucet there." I still think it is an inconvenient and not well thought out place to put it.

    I agree that the carpet doesn't look too bad; I think it was more the feel, but we will definitely get something nicer (maybe wood floors!) once the kids get older. BD you are definitely right - kids are HARD on floors! (well really everything :-)

  7. Megan, everything looks great! As I was looking at your pictures I kept thinking about how much I'm already loving the things you posted - laundry room, bedrooms, EVERYTHING! You are going to be so happy in this house! Also, I LOVE your appliances! I'm kso excited for you. Oh, that picture of your kids is priceless!

  8. Thanks KM! I'm getting so excited.

  9. Things look great! Yes strange place for the faucet on the bathtub for sure. I LOVE your mailbox. Much more charming than the standard black mailbox we got.