Sunday, July 21, 2013

So this is what married people do without kids...

Today I woke up around 8.  I laid in bed, checked Facebook and Twitter and watched some reruns of Breaking Bad.  Scott finally woke up around ten, did some work, then we went to the lake and had lunch.

From 12:30 until 5, I continued to lay in bed watching reruns of Breaking Bad and Scott dozed in and out of consciousness watching the British Open in the living room.

Six o'clock, we headed to dinner.  We realized our favorite spot was right in the middle of the local Italian American festival, roamed around for a minute, ate dinner and now we're back home.  I'm writing a blog and Scott is talking to an old friend.

SOOOOOOOO...this is what people without children do on a Sunday?!?!?!.  Nice.

But I sure do miss my kids.  We talked about all three of them at dinner. Each one individually.  The kind of people we think they'll be when they grow up and and how they are now.  We decided that Jackson will be responsible and handsome and probably some investment banker. Aida will probably show up to her wedding with tattoos down her arms and back.  Ivie, well, we just don't know about her yet.

We've had a great summer; the kids have had a great summer.  As we wind down, I thank Don and Sharon W for taking the kids for a wopping ten days.  Scott and I haven't had this time together ever.  It is nice and rewarding, but I will be so excited to hug and kids the little people when they return.

Until then, I will drink wine at 4 p.m. and lay in bed and watch reruns.