Monday, February 7, 2011

Seriously...Can they move the Super Bowl to Saturday???

The Weidners were dragging today; all of us. Watching the Steelers lose just took it out of us (more on that later).


For those of you interested in the progress of the house and not so much about the daily grind of wiping noses and butts, here is a link to pictures of the house so you can bypass all the family stuff. The siding guys finished up the siding and shutters today. I think it looks great. And man those guys work fast. (I don't know about the rest of you, but I would NOT be up on those ladders.)

Super Duper Bowl

Let me just tell you how happy I am that the Steelers lost: I am SO happy that the Steelers lost. We watched the game at a gorgeous house with fabulous people. A couple I went to high school with invited us over to watch the game at their friends' house. Everyone was so welcoming and the kids had a blast. For four hours Jackson and Aida ran around the house with five other little girls aged ten to three. Here are a few pictures of our night:
Jay on the left, the home owner, grew up in Cleveland and is a huge Browns' fan, so of course he was going for Green Bay. On the other hand, Scott took Pittsburgh. It was nice of Jay to allow us to stay.

Jackson, Aida, and Ivie

I've kind of neglected writing about the kids. So here are the updates:


We signed Jackson up for T-ball last week. He starts in March, which means the athletic season in our household will now make a dramatic shift to baseball. My living room will be transformed into a baseball diamond. The goal posts will be replaced with a homerun fence. The quarterback will be benched for the pitcher. The football helmets will be stored for the season. All right in MY I lucky or what?!?! He is doing well in school and seems to be acting older each day.


Aida is still really enjoying preschool. She is getting bigger and more demanding (is this possible?) it seems like everyday. She still thinks she is a princess. Aida is Aida and has such a strong personality. I wonder who and what she'll become.Here is just a little sample of classic Aida. She swore she wasn't tired.


Ivie is teething...dum, dum, dum.... Yes. It's been rough going. She's been cranky, snotty, and clingy (oh fun). She is also turning into a lightning crawler. You put her down, turn your back and she is down the hall. She has discovered that she can pull herself up, sit from laying on her stomach, clap, and sign that she wants a bottle. I can't believe she is nine months!

Well that's it. I need to get to bed since I have to get up early to take Scott to work. The Avalon is getting some much needed work. That car has 19o,000 miles and actually runs fairly well. Hopefully we can get about another 25,000 miles out of it. Good night!

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  1. As much as it pains me to say, the Packers are a good team and they played a great game. We beat ourselves :(
    Anyway, your house looks great! I love your color choices.