Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy 2014!

We've had a fun few months: Parties, birthdays, anniversaries, traveling, and holidays.  The kids are finally back home after ten days in St. Louis and I'm back to work tomorrow.

We had a fantastic holiday.  The kids had an even better one. Yes, we sent our kids to STL to spend Christmas with their grandparents, yes I missed them and yes, we will do this again next year (if Mimi and Grandpa offer :-).

We ended our string of partying and the holidays with one last night of debauchery with Scott's good friends from high school and college in Peoria, IL.  Some of the best people I know, all in our 30s and 40s partying and having a grand ole time.  We had a blast!

I'm hoping, praying and working for good things in 2014. I working on putting myself in a position to have two successful business, three happy kids, one loving marriage, and one rewarding/successful professional career as a Sustainability/CSR leader.

May 2014 be blessed, crazy, chaotic, loving, happy, rewarding, safe and healthy!

The kids rang in the New Year at 9:20 with Papa Phil and Grandma Phil!

 Best buddies for about 25 years!!!

Some really, REALLY great ladies!