Sunday, July 31, 2011

Good Weekend

Actually, saying we had a good weekend is an understatement: We had a fabulous weekend. The only thing bad about it is it has ended (oh and we had to get the brakes fixed on the car).

Saturday we traveled up to Stow so that Scott could play golf and we could get our car fixed with the "Frank Rock Discount". While the car was being fixed and Scott and Jim were golfing, the kids and I swam. We had so much fun. I had so much fun, that my back, legs, arms, and abdomen are sore from doing flips and dives. We came back to Columbus Saturday evening and finished out the day playing Wii bowling.

Not sure what I'm trying to accomplish here, but whatever it was, I'm sure it contributed to my sore muslces.

Today, Sunday, my dad and Janell came down to Columbus for an impromptu visit and to bring us some of Grandma Rock's furniture. We had a great morning with them and my brothers. We received Grandma's dining room table and hutch. The two pieces fit perfectly in our morning room.

After we (I say we, but really my dad and Scott) set up the furniture, we ran out the door to go to Jackson's t-ball picnic. I'll admit: We were not looking forward to the picnic but were obligated to go because Scott signed up to bring the cutlery. Despite Scott and I dragging our feet to get there, we ended up having a really good time. The kids ran around and shot water guns at each other (and occasionally a parent). Scott even got in on the action and I think he had more fun then Jackson and Aida.

Overall, we had a really good weekend. I love my family.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Enjoying my Freedom

I have now officially been done with my first year of law school for one week (woot, woot. High-five. Happy dance.) Instead of relaxing and doing nothing, I immediately started painting the house. It was such an odd feeling to have so much time that I felt the need to fill the empty space. However, I am now OVER painting and think I will spend the next four weeks hanging out with my kids and getting to know my husband again.

Oral Argument

Last Friday, my last assignment of the year was an oral argument. I argued against one of my classmates: I ROCKED it! I'm not just saying this because I had an awesome feeling when I finished, but mainly because my professor said I did an "excellent" job. My sick-type-A personality enjoyed the oral argument. I argued in favor of the Plaintiff; trying to convince the judge (my professor) that the case needed to go to trial. In a weird way, I thought it was kind of fun.

Me before I left to give my oral argument.


So now that I am done with school (and now painting), the kids and I have been spending some time at the pool. Jackson is becoming a great little swimmer and Aida enjoys doing ballet in the water. Even Ivie enjoys wading in the water. Currently, the Weidners are here visiting. They came to town to watch the kids tomorrow night and hang out for the rest of the weekend. Scott and I were invited to a wedding tomorrow. A couple of "old" friends of mine (from high school) are getting married. It should be a pretty good time.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I See the Light

I took my Criminal Law exam tonight. I have no idea how I did. I've stopped trying to figure it out: When I think I did well, I don't. When I think I failed, I don't. The exam was very complicated and complex. That's all I know.

I also know I came home to my three kids and husband, who were waiting for me, and who love me. That's what I do know. I've learned, recently, that in life we should focus on what we know and what we know right now (the other stuff will literally make you crazy). Right now, I know that I came home to three healthy and beautiful kiddos (and Scott) who are the joy of my life. Whether I pass, fail, get an A or a C, those kiddos will continue to be the joy of my life. That is what I know.

My Motion for Summary Judgment is due Thursday by 6 p.m. It is a 15-page paper worth 25 % of my total grade. I have about 75% completed. (Yes, I have made sure I am to write in favor of the Plaintiff, SEVERAL times). On Friday I give my oral argument...and...then ...I DONE...with my first year of law school! WOOOOOHOOOO!

Here are some pictures of those lovely people who were waiting for me tonight:

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!

We had a wonderful weekend! We stayed in Columbus and hung out around the house. On Saturday, Jackson walked in the Whitehall Parade with his t-ball team. Scott hung ceiling fans. Jackson and Aida played in the sprinkler while we watered our sod (yes, sod!). Ivie hung out with her family and stood by herself. I thoroughly enjoyed my family and worked on my outline for my criminal law class. Overall, it was a fabulous weekend. Here are some pictures (enjoy!):