Sunday, June 29, 2014


The kids and I were blessed with a Disney vacation last week. My dad (stepdad) graciously planned and booked a week in Orlando for the three little Ws and me. Scott didn't go with us, which honestly was probably a good thing; I'm not sure Scott W could have politely endured the long lines, parade of abruptly stopping strollers, the over use of the word "magical" and just the overall happiness and magic blanketing Disney. He's a people person - just on his own time.

So the kids and I boarded a jet plane with G-Dad to "magical" Orlando for a six-day trip to Disney.

Ivie's first plane ride.
Let me tell you what Disney is not: Relaxing or cheap.

The kids had a blast. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for my children to experience Mickey, Cinderella, Rupenzel, Daisy, Donald, Alice, Mary Poppins', Pooh, Eyore, Tigger the Pooh (Ivie's name for the bouncing tiger who scared that hell out of her), Piglet, Rafiki, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, 3-D shows, Star Tours, Indiana Jones, etc....................... The rides were exciting and shows were best in class.

As an adult, I enjoyed seeing my children so happy and so in awe of the what is Disney. The Disney staff was so happy and helpful and genuinely seemed happy that my little broad of curtain-crawling-crumb snatchers were invading their kingdom and vising their park. My girls were greeted by everyone as "Princess" which for girls who really think they are princesses was not unordinary, but overdue.  Aida's eager acceptance of the term princess led me to believe that she believes she should be addressed this way everyday - not just at Disney.  All of the kids loved the rides and even this mama, who hasn't been on a roller coaster in fifteen years, secretly enjoyed the jolting, jerking, stomach flipping coasters.

So that was Disney in three paragraphs or less. The video below is Disney in ten seconds or less and a few pictures of our "magical" six days! Enjoy!!!!

And Ivie let a complete stranger hold her for fireworks...Disney really is magical.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Warm Weather and Sunshine!

Finally, warm weather is here!  And it is beautiful!  Mid-February when it was -40 degrees I vowed that I would punch the first person who complained about warm weather.  Yesterday, while coaching Aida's 8u softball team, a very pretty, petite, and honest 7-year old girl proclaimed that it was hot, she was going to melt and we couldn't possibly expect her to play in 75-degree weather. Don't worry, I did not punch her.

We had such a beautiful weekend: sunshine, friends, cousins, and baseball!

 Aida and Ivie were troopers today!  Seven hours at the baseball field.

Aida before her recital last week.