Friday, November 4, 2011

My Law School Mojo

"Where in the world is Megan's law school mojo?" (Sing to the tune of Carmen Santiago)

Seriously, where is it? It seems as though I've misplaced it. I keep expecting to find it in a jar or something, like in Peter Pan (marbles...). I was on a roll, then I gave myself 1.5 days away from my law school studies and I lost it; maybe it is in Pittsburgh. Wherever it may be hiding, I REALLY need to find it. I only have three more weeks of classes and then finals! Yes, finals! A friend from high school posted on FB yesterday (yes, FB, I know I ranted about it in my last post, but it is good for some things right?) how she missed the days of being able to study for one day prior to an exam. She also missed not worrying about finals until that day before. I responded, "Me too!!!". When I was a student at MU in my Atmospheric Science program, I was the worse student (I really was. It is amazing I was allowed to attend law school). I would not think about finals until the end of the semester, then I would spend the day or two before finals learning the material. I didn't have the best grades, but I made it. Now, fast forward to law school: Three weeks before classes have even ended and five weeks before my first final, I have almost reached full-blown panic mode. Insane if you ask me.

I have done all of my reading, I have my outlines caught up for the most part, but I am still insanely worried about my exams. I blame it on my lack of law school mojo and all of the other fun things going on in my life.

For example, Scott, the kids, and I drove up to Kent last weekend, then Scott and I went to Pittsburgh to witness two of my most favorite cousins get married (not to each other :-). We had such a good time. The kids had a good time. Not to mention it was my birthday, our anniversary, and Aida's birthday.

This weekend, my in-laws and the cousin who got married are coming to Columbus to hang out. Scott has to work all day Saturday, Jackson has his football banquet on Saturday, I have a baby shower to attend, and Aida's princess dance party is Sunday morning. All of this other stuff is way more fun than law school and distracts a good way! I would much rather hang out with my family then decipher the meaning of the U.S. Constitution and figure out why Plaintiff X can or cannot bring suit in the Middle District of Tennessee. Not to mention trying to figure out whether to object to impeaching the credibility of a witness.

So after this weekend, I have promised myself I will buckle down and start officially studying for finals, whether I've found my mojo or not. But if you happen to see it, send it back my way. I could really use it.

My cousin (the bride) with her new husband and our grandparents.

Scott and I overlooking downtown Pittsburgh.

Jackson and I overlooking downtown Pittsburgh.

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