Monday, November 14, 2011

Another Week

So it's Monday. I really dislike Mondays. I thoroughly enjoy my weekends with my family and Mondays represent another week of busyness. It is for these reasons I dislike Mondays.

This weekend, we did nothing! This whole semester, we have had just about every weekend planned (not complaining because the weekends have been spent with family and good friends). This weekend we slept in, roamed around a messy house, cleaned out the garage (in an attempt to get both cars in it), went to the candy store, watched football, and generally just relaxed. It was very nice.

We also celebrated Scott's birthday on Saturday. His birthday marks the end of the end-of-October/beginning-of-November string of birthdays and anniversaries. Again, we didn't do anything special, but he seemed to enjoy his day.

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