Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!

We had a wonderful weekend! We stayed in Columbus and hung out around the house. On Saturday, Jackson walked in the Whitehall Parade with his t-ball team. Scott hung ceiling fans. Jackson and Aida played in the sprinkler while we watered our sod (yes, sod!). Ivie hung out with her family and stood by herself. I thoroughly enjoyed my family and worked on my outline for my criminal law class. Overall, it was a fabulous weekend. Here are some pictures (enjoy!):


  1. Your pictures are really nice! I like your porch flowers too! Glad you had a great holiday weekend!

  2. Obsessing over the fact you have a blog!!!! Miss you! Did you ever get my letter? When I get real internet I am going to have to read this from start to finish!! Hope all is well! xoxo