Friday, July 22, 2011

Enjoying my Freedom

I have now officially been done with my first year of law school for one week (woot, woot. High-five. Happy dance.) Instead of relaxing and doing nothing, I immediately started painting the house. It was such an odd feeling to have so much time that I felt the need to fill the empty space. However, I am now OVER painting and think I will spend the next four weeks hanging out with my kids and getting to know my husband again.

Oral Argument

Last Friday, my last assignment of the year was an oral argument. I argued against one of my classmates: I ROCKED it! I'm not just saying this because I had an awesome feeling when I finished, but mainly because my professor said I did an "excellent" job. My sick-type-A personality enjoyed the oral argument. I argued in favor of the Plaintiff; trying to convince the judge (my professor) that the case needed to go to trial. In a weird way, I thought it was kind of fun.

Me before I left to give my oral argument.


So now that I am done with school (and now painting), the kids and I have been spending some time at the pool. Jackson is becoming a great little swimmer and Aida enjoys doing ballet in the water. Even Ivie enjoys wading in the water. Currently, the Weidners are here visiting. They came to town to watch the kids tomorrow night and hang out for the rest of the weekend. Scott and I were invited to a wedding tomorrow. A couple of "old" friends of mine (from high school) are getting married. It should be a pretty good time.


  1. Congrats! That is a great acomplishment! It's gonna be nice I know to spend more time with the big and little babies :), looks like you are off to a good start! Now that they have had their fun for the day...follow these simple instructions...1. Put the kiddies to bed. 2.Go beautify yourself in a comfy kinda girly way :)and dont forget the lipgloss/chapstick and fresh breath. 3. Get a bottle of wine (BD leads me to believe helps make everything okay lol)and two glasses. 4. Cut on some of your favorite music. (Not too loud, we are NOT trying to wake the kiddies) 5. Find that guy you live with, i think he may be your hubby lol and 6. Chillax and put on some of your favorite music and enjoy your beautiful home...

    I believe it's okay now. The professor is off duty! :)

  2. Thanks Chelly; you're really sweet. I had a great weekend: had a few drinks and had a great Saturday night with the hubby. We didn't really "chillax" (haha), but we had a good time.