Monday, January 10, 2011

A missing tooth, school, high school basketball, and football

Well, where to start? We had a very busy weekend and already a busy Monday.

The Missing Tooth:

Jackson has lost tooth number #2. No mention of the tooth fairy this time, so we won't mention it either.

Aida started preschool today at Temple Israel in East Columbus. It is a wonderful program. The teaching style is similar to a Montessori program. The teacher/child ratio is 1:5! The program allows kids to explore different areas while secretly learning.
Have you ever had one of those bad dreams where you can't keep yourself from looking around the corner at something that you know is scary? Well, that is how I feel about starting my second semester of law school; just being honest. Of course I have chosen this path. I am the one that wanted to pursue a career in the field of environmental law, but honestly, I am more scared about starting this semester than last semester. The reason: I know how dreadfully hard it is. Last semester it was just speculation, but now I know firsthand. It is like having a child: You know it is a lot of work. You know you will love the child and that your life will change, but you don't fully understand until the child arrives. That is law school in nutshell. I start classes tonight.

High School Basketball:

Friday the Weidner broad drove up to northeast Ohio to attend Antoine's basketball game. We had a lot of fun cheering on Uncle A.

Some Random Pictures From the Weekend:

Saturday morning breakfast.The recliner from Grandpa Rock. It's been a BIG hit with the kids. Jackson was kind enough to allow Ivie to hang out during the commercial.

So, is it really happening? Has the college football season come to an end? Are the bowl games finally over after tonight? I feel like there is BCS college football exec out there hurriedly trying to come up with just one more bowl game, just to prolong the agony...oh I mean excitement for just one more week. Something like the Snow Belt Bowl or the Interstate 77 Bowl (this bowl would certainly get some small MAC team to play an SEC team). In reference to the NFL, Scott said this weekend, "It's a sad moment in the season when you can count the number of games left. There are 11." Sad? I can only imagine the kind of sadness he is feeling with the number of college games at 1. Scott and his dad will now have to find something else to talk about: Maybe their wives or the kids (love ya Don!). Me, I'm happy! My love of football will be rejuvenated in the off season. I promise.

So those are my Monday rants!


  1. Ivie is adorable! And so big too! I feel you on the football. I'm only a little sad that's it's over because we said we were going back to no cable after the Super Bowl. How am I going to live without hours of Law and Order on a daily basis?