Sunday, January 2, 2011

A big night in the Weidner household

Two big events happened in the Weidner household today, both were hard to deal with, both brought a moment of sadness: Ivie moved out of our bedroom into Jackson and Aida's room and today was the last weekend of the NFL Sunday Ticket. I will let you decide which event brought the moment of sadness to me and which one brought the moment to Scott.

Until today, Scott would say every weekend "This is the saddest moment of the weekend" as Directv flashed a message indicating that the programming had ended for the weekend. I honestly could feel Scott's pain: End of the weekend, end of leisure, end of 10 channels of every NFL game, and back to work. Today, however, I did a silent jig. Instead of empathizing with Scott that his weekend was over, I thought to myself, "Thank God." I can only take so much football, so much betting, and so much of him and Jackson acting like old college buddies discussing the quarterback, coaches, and moronic plays by the safety (yes, Jackson is a mini Scott, football loving, betting male in the making...I've already lost this battle ladies). So the NFL Sunday Ticket comes to an end and there are only a few more bowl games left: I just might get my husband back for a few conversations before I get consumed with school again.

So my moment of sadness: Ivie has officially been evicted from our room. This is big. For more than a year, she has been with me every night (including pregnancy). Every squeak, whimper, moan, or turn in her bed, I was there to come to her rescue (I know I'm being dramatic, but this is my LAST baby). Instead of me helping her, I have put her in the care of her big brother and sister. At this time, until we move, they are all packed into the same room. This means, when one wakes up, they all wake up. But it also means that Ivie will be protected by her older siblings. I like to think that they are qualified babysitters, but after Aida "watched" Ivie this weekend, only to find Ivie face planted on the floor and Aida piecing together stories while she watched Yo Gabba Gabba, I question the ability of Ivie's older siblings to care for her. I know Ivie will be fine. It's not like I'm sending her off to sleep in the back shed, but it's still a big step for me, as it has been with all my kids. Scott on the other hand, not silently, but rather openly and excitedly did a jig to have space back in our bedroom. I have already been in kids room twice this hour to check on Ivie and to make sure Aida isn't launching baby dolls at her from the top bunk.

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break and a happy new year. I can only hope that 2011 will be half as fun, adventurous, and prosperous for the Weidners as 2010...

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