Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another Action Packed Day in the Weidner House

Yesterday the steering went out in the Audi. How did it "go out" you ask? Well, after dropping Aida off at school, I heard a squealing that gradually increased in volume; then all of sudden it stopped. After this mysterious squealing stopped, I could no longer turn the steering wheel. To get home, I literally had to use all of my body weight to turn the wheel. We dropped the car off at the dealership and luckily (sort of lucky) that squealing I heard was the belt and when I no longer heard it, the belt must have snapped. But luckily the belt caused the noise and not the pump. I say this like I know what the difference is, but I do: About $1,000! Thank goodness it was just the belt!

Since we were down to one vehicle today, the whole crew took Scott to work this morning at 6:30 a.m.! The kids loved it. Scott on the other hand probably missed his 45 minutes of "me and coffee time" as Jackson, Aida, and I asked a minimum of 10 questions per mile.

Aida and Ivie visited Dr. Brill today (ironically Dr. Brill graduated from Kent Roosevelt in 1996...small world). Aida only received one shot, but hated it. She quickly forgot about the "punch" once she remembered she was going to get a sticker afterwards. Aida has definitely inherited the small gene from her mama, Nana, and Great-Great-Aunt Beverly: She is in the 10th percentile for height and 5th percentile for weight. I hope she beefs up a little as she gets older. Vivien on the other hand is plump, but not as plump as all you gossipers out there like to make her out to be (you know who you are!). She is in the 50th percentile for both height and weight. She received four shots today! And she too, did not like it one bit.

After the crew picked Scott up from work, we stopped by the house. The brick has been delivered. We chose the colors so long ago we can't remember what everything looks like. We thought we chose a lighter brick, but obviously not. I know we were pleased with what we picked out, but I don't remember picking out such a red brick. The heating/air ducts were installed as well. We are scheduled to have our pre-drywall meeting next week.

We also are adding recessed lighting above the fireplace. Our soon-to-be-neighbor showed us hers and it was lovely. We asked our sales rep and he said no. But of course I won't take no for an answer and asked our project manager and he said "no problem". Squeaky wheel gets the grease!

Lastly, Scott, Jackson, and Aida made a snowman tonight. The thirty-five degree high today started to melt the snow, resulting in a "wet" snow that was perfect for building a snowman (and a snowball fight). Go Packers! For goodness sakes....BEAT THE STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. When our brick was delivered, I thougt it was too red, too. But now that it's up, I really like it. I love that you're building a Venice...I hate that you're rooting for the Packers! Go Steelers!

  2. Did you actually say go packers when they're playing the record breaking 6 time super bowl champion Steelers? We could have been friends, lol.

    Anyway, glad to see there is another Ryan blog that I can follow. I've also added you to my blog list as well. We just got approved and are supposed to be done in May. Still waiting for confirmation on that.

  3. Hahaha on the Steelers. I am from NE Ohio, so I am a Browns' fan. Since our team sucks, the next best thing is for the Steelers to lose. Unfortunately they keep winning :-)

    Glad to hear the brick will look different once it is up. I know we liked what we picked out, I just don't remember our color combination.