Thursday, January 13, 2011

House Update

Realtor No More

I mentioned in an earlier post that we were having problems with our realtor. After several months of unanswered questions and an absent realtor, Scott told her that we no longer needed her services. I completely fault her for being careless in her job and not Ryan Homes. Every question we asked, she would pawn us off onto either her husband the builder or the mortgage broker. All the upgrades we received, we asked for and negotiated. After we signed the contract we didn't her from her for 6 weeks! When Scott confronted her last night about her poor performance as a realtor she said "you guys kept putting me in the middle". Really??? She's a realtor, she is supposed to be the middleman between her clients and the seller, i.e. the builder. Apparently she didn't get this memo and/or dozed off during this portion of her real estate class. Either way, to put it in the simplest words: She sucked! And we feel much better with her out of the picture. We are not nervous about being sans a realtor, because we have done pretty much everything ourselves. She also stated, when Scott criticized her for not doing anything, that she "got us a great house for a great price" We are paying fair market value for a new build. No great deal there. Anyway, enough ranting about our ex-realtor.

Instead, good news: The builders have started framing! Here are some pictures from yesterday morning as the framers were beginning their day. By the end of the day, they had the garage up. Scott questioned the wood being out in the elements. We are assuming that this is ok. Anyone know? We are now about a week ahead of schedule. If the weather continues to cooperate, we should close around March 12th.

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