Sunday, December 1, 2013

Best College Football Saturday EVER

Oh my goodness!  What a day!  Friends. Family. Football.  And the craziest games. Friends and family gathered at the W house to watch the OSU/Michigan game. Pizza, chicken wings, face painting, Bloody Marys, mimosas, and laughter filled our house from 10:30 until about 4 p.m. Then we geared up again to watch the Missouri game.  Somewhere in there we watched the ultra-exciting Auburn/Alabama game.  What. A. Day!
The kiddos and me!  Go Buckeyes! (And Mizzou!)

Pic from the balcony!

 The great group of people who were a part of our exciting college football Saturday!
Pretty good kids here!

Michigan scores with just seconds left in the game!

My Michigan sign...Didn't want our three Wolverine fans to feel left out!
Thanksgiving was pretty good too.  We traveled to Pittsburgh to spend the day with my cousin and his family and in-laws.  Four courses, homemade Italian wedding soup and pasta, and the traditional Thanksgiving fixins', and a very welcoming set of in-laws once removed, made for a fun Thanksgiving.  God bless anyone not directly related and that accepts the five Ws into their home! However, the host did keep my family of five and my cousin's family of five in our own corner of the kitchen, divided by a hallway and wall, away from the rest of the group...coincidence?!?!  Ha...j/k.
Scott teaching Jackson to be Scott.

The next generation!

Six of the ten of us who invaded Thansgiving!

Our own little room!

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