Sunday, November 3, 2013

Party Time in the W Household

There's something about Scott and me that screams "We like to act like we're 22, stay up all night, play drinking games, and act foolish even though we're in our 30s, so be our friends."  Just something.  It's a fun something.  Scott and I are blessed with great friends! And those great friends like to P.A.R.T.Y.  We've lived in Columbia, Missouri, Lexington, South Carolina, Columbus, Ohio and now Green, Ohio and we seem to befriend great people.  We are both still connected to childhood friends and friends from each city in which we've lived.  Last night, we had the opportunity to hang out with some new Green, Ohio friends.  These friends were just like our STL, Columbia, MO, Lexington, and Columbus, Ohio friends:  Fun, wild, oblivious of their age, and welcoming.  Good times.

Oh and there is this gem:  Me dancing with the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man: 

We have been in party mode in the W household the past few weeks.  Birthdays, anniversaries, new businesses, and Halloween are great causes for parties and all fall in October/November.  The parties continue into November for Scott's 40th bday and the OSU v. Michigan game.  We LOVE entertaining and having a great time with friends and family.  My kids are going to think life is one big party!

Love Construction finally finished the upstairs flooring project.  OMGoodness!  Never. Never. Ever. EVER refinish wood floors by yourself.  The floors look great, but sheesh!  It took us three weeks, two different sanders, hundreds of dollars in sand paper, two botched polyurethane jobs, and there are still noticeable errors.  We learned that yes it is possible to save thousands of dollars to refinish your own wood floors, but we also learned there is a big, huge, fat reason why people hire someone else to do it!  We are on to next flooring project:  Basement = bamboo!  I'm so excited!  We had yucky carpet down there, so now I'm really looking forward to a lovely, cozy, comfortable rec room.

The kids are doing wonderfully and keep us SO busy!  Today Aida received two birthday gifts:  A build-a-bear and ear piercing.  She is so happy!  It melts my heart to see her so happy.  JH is doing well and enjoying his down time since football is over.  Ivie is so full of life (definition of Vivien) and certainly brings a smile to my face.

So that is it.  Busy times in the W household.  I seriously try to not to sound like one of those my-life-is-perfect-on-the-Internet people.  It's not, but I'm happy and I really do love my family.

Red Carpet Dance Party - Aida's 6th birthday party!!!

 Ivie changed from her gown to her bathing suit...after party?

On our way to our anniversary dinner!  7 years!

 Scott's Halloween costume - sommelier.  I went as a wine bottle...cork hat included.

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