Saturday, December 7, 2013

A few things

A few things about me: I love my family, my kids, and my husband! I value education and hard work. I like working and making a positive impact on my company and my community.  I like to volunteer. I'm a tree-hugging, avocado-to-the-hair hippie, a naturalist and an environmentalist.  A new thing to my list: I'm an entrepreneur.  My two new businesses allow to me combine the things I love.

After following this blog for the last couple of years, I invite you to check out business number 2: Arbonne!

It. Is. Amazing!!!! Arbonne is a fantastic line of all-natural, vegan-certified, botanically-based, and paraben-free hair care, skincare, cosmetics and nutrition products. It's where the professional me meets the hippie me.  Because I love this product so much, I decided to start selling Arbonne.  I think you will too. Check out my site:  Email me with any questions! I have some amazing deals too!

Now back to college football.  I also love college football.  MIZZOU! BUCKEYES!

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