Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weekend of birthdays, baseball, and a new house CEO

Jackson and Ivie's birthdays are two days apart.  In fact, I had the exact same due with both kids.  Ivie's birthday is May 3, 2010 and Jackson's birthday is May 5, 2005.  Both birthdays are obviously special because, well, they're my kids.  Jackson's birthday, well, his birth established the Ws:  Just being completely honest, Jackson is the reason why the Ws exist.  He started our family and kept us together.  Jackson was one and a half years old when Scott and I were married.  Jackson has an extremely special place in my heart because he and I were both Rocks (my maiden name) before we were Ws.  I carried Jackson for 40 weeks not knowing where we were going to live, if I would graduate from college (I was pregnant my senior year of college), or if he was a boy or girl (we didn't find out the sex at the typical 20 week ultrasound).  I love that boy with All. Of. My. Heart.  We have grown up together.  He has taught me how to be a mother.  I knew nothing before I had him.  That is the truth.  He gave me the gift I wasn't quite ready for:  motherhood.  But Jackson (and God) trusted me to lead him, educate him, and to be the most important person in his life.  Wow.  So far, I think I'm doing a good job:  He is caring, kind, gentle and has a huge heart.  You can look in his eyes and tell he is sincere.  I hope I do that little boy justice as his mother.

Ivie, well, of COURSE, I love me some Ivie!  She is my youngest. She is wild, spunky,  and blonde. How Scott and I had a blonde-haired child is crazy!  I'm African-American, Irish and Native American with dark hair. Scott is Italian and German with dark hair.  But some how, we ended up with a blonde-haired blued-eyed little girl.  Happy birthday Ivie!

This Saturday (and all Saturdays through June) was filled with baseball and t-ball.  Jackson and Aida both play.  I love watching them play baseball.

Lastly, Scott appointed himself as CEO of the W household this weekend.  No vote. No board approval (I think Scott is the board).  Saturday morning Scott declared, after I had failed at leading the family out of the house on time with all the necessary equipment, that I no longer could or should serve as the CEO of the W household.  He declared that we needed more leadership, better communication, and better planning.  Ok, so maybe time got away from me and 15 minutes before we needed to leave I was showering while Aida still didn't have her baseball pants, spikes, or glove, BUT...well, I believe Scott will resign shortly.  Managing a household of 5 is chaotic and at times stressful:  You never quite know where everyone's shoes are or the last time everyone brushed their teeth or showered.  There are doctor's appointments, practices, and bike days to remember.  I will keep you updated on our new CEO, Scott W; I guarantee he will forget the next bike day.

Have a great week!

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