Sunday, April 14, 2013

Best. Party. Ever.

I will say:  Scott and I know how to throw a party!  There are many, MANY things that we cannot do together without arguing:  Most home improvement projects, driving long distances, and shopping for appliances.  However, me as the ex-server/bartender and him as a current caterer/corporate dining manager, we mesh well and we get. it. done.

Ok, so enough of me bragging about Scott and I's ability to steal decorating and recipe ideas from Pinterest.  Last night we did have a party at our house for my cousin Amber.  She turned thirty last week and I insisted that she celebrate at my house.  So. Much. Fun.!!!!!!  Oh my goodness:  Food, great people, and drinks allowed us to give my cousin the ultimate birthday gift:  Being surrounded by happiness, love, and great energy.

I often question moving back to northeast Ohio.  Since I've been back home, I've had a lot of problems, but times like last night absolutely make it worth being closer to family and old friends.  I'm gushing about last night because I'm proud of Scott and I bringing together so many good people, making them feel comfortable and having them leave either a) drunk or b) hungover, but definitely full and worn out from hours of laughing and entertaining.  I feel good. I needed this weekend as a buffer between the end of one stressful work week and the beginnig of another uncertain stressful week ahead.

I like to have fun.  I like to eat.  I like to drink.  Combining all three with amazing company is an awesome feeling. 
 30 candles!!!!
 My daddy and me!!!
 Happy Scott.
 Best. Party. Ever. (words of the birthday girl)
My Aunt (birthday girl's mom). Amber (birthday girl). Karen (Amber's MIL), and baby Avery (Amber's little girl).
Ummm...about 2 a.m.
The lovely husband Mike (Amber's husband).

Ok. So I wasn't done bragging:  Best. Party. Ever.

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