Saturday, June 1, 2013

Just a couple of old friends talking politics

There is just something so special about old friends:  You know those friends that you can completely be yourself around, will tell you the honest truth, and will entertain your deepest thoughts on an hour train ride even when you miss your next train, hail a cab in the not-so-good part of a big city - all after a wine-filled night.

Last week, I had the pleasure of traveling to San Francisco for work.  After being let down by one good friend, I remembered that I had another good friend in the Bay area. Josh and I spent 75% of our time together between 2001-2005, then we both moved from Missouri to opposite coasts. After eight years of not seeing each other and only talking a handful of times, we spent three super fun days together picking up exactly where we had left off!  Good friends are good.  And not just any good friend, but those friends that you somehow always end up doing something completely stupid, drinking too much, and getting into philosophical conversations even though you both know you won't remember how you fixed the world the next morning.  As frustrated as I am with my job these days, I'm lucky to get to occasionally travel and I'm pretty lucky to know some pretty awesome people around the country.

Baseball and work have consumed my life.  Jackson is playing on two teams and Aida is playing t-ball.  I picked up two additional roles at work (don't congratulate just yet, unfortunately no promotion, hence recent frustration) and I've been busy managing our global environmental strategy.  It's kind of a big deal, well at least I think so, and I like what I do.  I'm still holding out for the big promotion and big title.  Stay tuned!


                       Scott, despite his environmentalist wife's recommendations, burning brush...ugh!
                              Standing in the very back of our yard looking at our house.

                               I painted our front door red...I'm still not completely sold on it!

Summer has also officially begun in the W household.  I now have a third grader and a kindergartner!  Yikes!  How the hell did that happen? We have a friend of the family watching the kids this summer. Yes!  No more getting up and getting three kids ready for daycare/school!!!  Yay me.

June already?  Yep...time is flying by.  I'm just trying to be good, live good, and have a little fun while I parent and do this wifey thing.  So far, I'm pleased.

Tonight I hope to debate politics and sports over wine with my other good friend, my husband, and our new friends, our great neighbors.  It's nights like those with Josh and tonight with Scott and new friends that remind me of the lighter side of life.

Oh and my kids; they're pretty special too!

Be good and have fun!

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