Monday, October 22, 2012

Zone Defense

A co-worker today told me, "God bless parents with three kids.  With three kids you are forced to play  zone defense.  With two it's easy, you play man to man".  Scott and I are definitely playing zone these days; Ivie is often left with a wide open shot.'s that time of the year:  Pee wee football is over.  Since July 30th, I have rushed from Akron to Kent four days a week for an hour and a half practice.  Soccer is over too.  That means that Saturdays are ours!  Maybe, just maybe we can tackle the enormous mess we call our home.

Jackson had a great season!  He ended up with four touchdowns and countless great tackles.  The improvement from last season was tremendous.  I'm so proud of him.  Not just because he is a great player but mostly because of the dedication and focus.  He is seven.  Seven-year-old little boys have the attention span, of well, seven-year-old little boys.  He learned the plays and ran the plays.  So proud.

And Aida Jane!  Talk about focus: Aida is my spacey child.  "Oooohhh, Mama a flower...Today at school, we...Um, one time I was walking down the street, and can I have a cookie?"  That's my Aida!  But she did great in soccer.  Aida is also a member of a family that loves sports, but doesn't necessarily love them herself.  She is more into dance and art, but she gave soccer a shot and did awesome!  She also ended up with some goals!

And then there is Ivie.  Ivie is giving Daddy W and Mama W a run for their money.  Hell, not even just Daddy and Mama, but Aida and Jackson too.  Ivie is bad.  There I said it.  Don't let those adorable curls, blue eyes and sweet laugh fool you.  Ivie is out there for Ivie.  She's not interested in potty training, sharing, or going to bed.  But none of us, Jackson and Aida included, could imagine our home without her. 

Jackson touchdown 

Jackson is number 24.  The videography is horrible (just a warning).  I'm actually surprised I taped the whole run.  Usually I get really excited and drop the camera.

Today Ivie decided to do some somersaults in the backyard.  Along her tumble, she collected five briers in her hair.  Yes.  Curly hair and briers...yikes!  I was ready to grab the scissors, but Scott was determined to save her hair and my tears.  After about an hour and a half, a bottle of conditioner, and what Ivie saw as a fun bubble bath, Daddy saved her hair!

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