Tuesday, October 9, 2012

From audits to fish nets

I'm Corporate and I'm Here to Help

In the past two weeks I have been in Virginia, North Carolina, Atlanta, and Las Vegas all courtesy of work.  We have manufacturing facilities in Virginia and North Carolina and our EHS Manager summoned me (well, ok, I voluntarily visited) to conduct a few environmental compliance audits.  Funny how the plant managers were not overjoyed to see me...hmmmm.  When I worked for the government we told companies, "We're the government and we're here to help."  Now that I'm on the other side, clearly that is bullshit.  I'm thankful for the EPA, Ohio EPA, NC DENR, and Virginia DEQ for their costly, I mean necessary, inconvenient, I mean easy to comply with laws.  Without all of them, and their convoluted, difficult but oh-so-necessary laws, I would not have a job traveling from site to site telling plant managers, "yes, we HAVE to do this." Seriously, I am only trying to help.

Fish Nets and Heels

"I bet people think I rented you for the evening."  ~ Scott W.

Yes... He said this.

When in Vegas, you should wear fish net stockings, with high heels and a short dress...right?  Well duh...of course!  I had an environmental training and the training company only offered the class in Scottsdale, AZ and Las Vegas, NV.  Luckily for me (and Scott) the flights were much cheaper to LV.  Just to be responsible I will say this:  The environmental training was extremely helpful, useful and I passed.   But really, I was in Las Vegas with my husband, for three days, without kids, are you really interested in my environmental training?  Right.

Well, Scott and I had a blast.  A freakin' blast.  I didn't really get the flashiness and gaudiness of Las Vegas, but anywhere that it is perfectly socially acceptable to walk around at 10 a.m. in a short dress, fish net stockings, with a drink, well, I could get used to that.  When we were married, Scott and I didn't have a honeymoon so this was our first vacation just the two of us.  I so enjoyed being with him, kidless, no responsibilities, in a warm city where anything goes.  THANK YOU MIMI and GRANDPA for watching the kids!!!!

I am more of a nature person and less of a people person  and several times I would stare off at the mountains and ask Scott if we could go.  He would promptly reply:  "People don't go to Las Vegas to look at the mountains."

Had. A. Blast. (and learned a lot.)


  1. The two of you look so happy! I love the idea that you were able to keep the children with grandma and bring your spouse to each city. What an awesome job! It's nice to see you doing a job that you enjoy. You were such an inspiration to me while you were in law school and I love how you go with the flow of life. Awesome inspiration, Megan!! Do you plan to build another home in your new city?

    We are building a Rome in Maryland! Feel free to join our site at ricknadase.blogspot.com I would love for you to follow our journey. Just click the join this site button.

    Happy and Safe Travels. Keep the pictures coming--your family is awesome!

  2. Hello! Thanks so much for reading what I write. I honestly thought my stepdad and father-in-law were the only people reading...haha! We thought about building, but due to time, we found a really great pre-existing home. It's definitely nice to walk into a brand new home; we have LOTS of projects awaiting us. Good luck with your building journey! I'm going to follow you right now.