Sunday, September 23, 2012

The New House

We our new house! There are boxes everywhere, but at least we're here!

The kids love their new rooms, which I think we will call the executive kid suite.  The three kids get the entire upstairs to themselves which is equipped with a Jack-and-Jill bathroom, princess room, and a blue and gray room with the best view of our fabulous backyard.  The majesties of the executive kid suite have requested that the Jack-and-Jill bathroom be painted Naple's Gold, Strawberry Splash, and Blueberry Buckle (bright yellow, brighter red, and extremely bright blue).

Aida is playing soccer and Jackson is playing football.  Aida is a little spacey out on the field and at about the 45-minute mark, her hair, the grass, the clouds, and her pink shin guards become more interesting then the game itself.  Jackson is excelling in football.  He has three touchdowns on the season and several tackles that have saved the other team from scoring.  Ivie is still in her terrible twos and challenges us daily.  Thank goodness she is cute.

Scott had a successful transfer from the Columbus region to the Akron/Canton region.  He doesn't have his own account yet, but I have a feeling it won't be long.  The company really likes him and apparently so does the regional manager... "See, I told you he was cute."

I continue to love my new job.  I better since I am reason for all this recent chaos.  But seriously, I love my new job.

Oh and I love our new house.  I can't take any pictures to show you the greatness of our new home, but I will as soon as I find the battery charger in the mound of boxes still left to unpack. 

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  1. Oh yay! New job, new house that you both love --- that's freaking awesome. Those girls you have are so adorable! Congrats on the move and can't wait to see the pics.