Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Hectic Life

Life is always crazy, chaotic and hectic, right? I mean with three kids how can life not be?  Add two cities, a two-hour drive, suitcases, boxes, a new job, new schools, football, various grandparents' houses plus six weeks of separation and - bam - you get pure craziness!

(A few pictures from our crazy, but fun summer: Scott and Jackson at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati; Aida swimming at G-dad's house; Scott and Jackson at the Cincinnati Reds' game; and Ivie "swimming" at Brady Lake on July 4th)

We bought a house in Akron and have a contract on our house in Columbus. I feel so lucky to have found a great house and to have buyers who think our house is great.  Love Construction has taken a mini-vacation; we will definitely be back in full swing once we move into our new house - lots of projects await Scott - I mean us.

The kids are finally all together after three weeks apart. I love that my kids are so close. They missed each other terribly. Scott is in Columbus by himself "packing", which translated in my mind means eating bad food, smoking cigars, drinking whiskey and watching baseball.

The kids started school a week ago, which was rough for everyone. There were lots of tears and anxiety, but thank goodness each day is better and easier.
We get the keys to our new house a week from tomorrow and hand over our keys on Princess Street the following Friday!  Meanwhile the kids and I are bouncing around wreaking havoc on various grandparents while Scott "packs".


  1. Hi Megan!! Congratulations on EVERYTHING!! You are definitely an inspiration!! I just recently found your blog and you are amazing! You just never know which way life is going to take you. It was such a bold, courageous move to release the new house, release the lawyer program and move your family to OHIO!! Great job!!! You have a beautiful family!

    Please feel free to follow our journey at and click the join this site button. I would love to continue following your journey.

  2. Lol at Scott in Columbus. I love the new family picture! You have such an adorable family! But you all have been EXTREMELY busy...I'm tired now just thinking if we had to do all of that. I'm sure its best to be this busy when they're at an age of less dependency (meaning out of diapers & pull ups). Can't wait to see what the new place looks like. Congrats again!