Thursday, April 5, 2012

Love Construction, Inc.

The floor is complete! Love Construction, Inc., also known as Scott and I, finished up this week. It only took us four weeks, ten trips to Lowes, at least five level four fights, and possibly one level five fight, but we're done. Despite the uneven floor, the differences in opinion, bowed walls, and one or two minor imperfections, it looks great!
If you need any minor projects completed in your house, just call Love Construction...It may take us a while, but we're entertaining!


  1. I chuckled at "level four and level five fights." When my husband tackled some home improvements projects when we had a house, we didn't have any fights but then again he started it when we first moved in and finished it when we sold and moved to TX, two years later. I guess that's when our level 4 fight occurred.

  2. The floor looks great. I know your husband must have been shocked to find that a new house has bowed walls and unlevel floors, but new homes are just like old homes, lots of unique and annoying issues. But there is nothing like building a house and knowing what lies under all that beautiful drywall. Enjoy the flooring!

  3. Go Megan! That's amazing. I'm sorry to hear about the off the chart fights, but I'm glad the name is Love Construction all the same. Since you offered you're company is the first I will call for any flooring needs. Miss you! xoxo