Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Scott and I FINALLY agreed on a floor for the downstairs. We also started installing this flooring and I am happy to announce that there were not any level five fights and we are still married. Seriously though, Scott and I have completely different ideas on how to approach life. These different ideas translate into everything: driving, painting, laundry, loading the dishwasher and yes, installing flooring. I am more of an impromptu-let's-get-this-done-the-mistakes-will-work-themselves-out-later kind of person. Scott is a lets measure-measure again-research-research-go to Lowes-go to Lowes again-ok now we can start- kind of person. We finished the office over the weekend and it looks great! We started the living room Sunday but have laid the first five rows twice and had to pull it up yet again today. Apparently our floor is terribly uneven. The fifteen people I asked about installing lock-n-fold flooring, no one said ANYTHING about dealing with an uneven floor. I see this as a small, surmountable problem. Well, Scott...I'm sure you can guess.

Here is Scott's apprentice helping him. Jackson went upstairs and changed his clothes to look exactly like his daddy, including the boots and pencil behind the ear; imitation is the greatest flattery

Aida and Ivie

Just a few pictures of the girls outside today and a video of Ivie getting down: http://youtu.be/2n_EPsaAtxc

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