Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fast Week

The weeks are flying by as I count down to the beginning of my second year of law school. This time last year I was "excited" and "looking forward to" beginning my career in law. This year reality and my first year of school has made me a realist, cynical, and leery of a law school education. I am not "excited" or "looking forward to" my second year. In fact, quite the contrary: I'm burned out and drained and the semester has not even started yet. I'm holding on to my last few weeks of my much-needed and much-too-short break. Once I get back into the swing of reading and briefing, I'm sure I'll be just fine.

The kids and I have been thoroughly enjoying our summer. I probably won't get another opportunity like this to hang out with them during the summer. We've had a special time. This week Scott went out of town for training. Wednesday evening, a friend of mine from OU, her husband and three kids came over for tacos and Wii "Just Dance". We had a really good time.

Jackson, Albert Jr., and Tosha getting down to Wii Just Dance.

Thursday I took the kids to the Columbus Zoo; so much fun!

Gotta wonder what Ivie is thinking and what that gorilla is thinking.

This is the oldest gorilla born in captivity. Doesn't he look like a wise 'ole fella?

Aida standing like a pink flamingo.

Aida and Jackson looking up at the polar bear tank. The polar bears were swimming above us.

Jackson is playing football this fall. Which I have quickly realized involves A LOT of time. I'm not sure if I would have signed him up had I known. Oh well; we're in it now. At first, Jackson was very unsure and reluctant, but he now seems to be enjoying it. This week and next week is conditioning. Yes, conditioning. Coach Matt had the kids running suicides. Funny. Watching Jackson run suicides brought back horrible memories of running those painful things over and over again in basketball and softball. SOOOOOOOOO glad those days are over for me. For Jackson, they've just begun. Today he received his pad and helmet. He is a happy little boy. He chose number 27 in honor of his Uncle Marc who played football at Ohio University.

Today, Scott and I worked in the yard. He taught me how to use the new tractor. He acted like this was a friendly gesture to bring me into his world and let me play with his toy, but I see it for what it is: It was I-am-not-always-going-to-mow-this-big-ass-lawn-myself-so-Megan-needs-to-learn-so-she-can-mow-too gesture. Just saying.

Another great weekend.


  1. Love the pictures...the kids are soooo cute. Seeing the zoo pictures with the kids at the glass so close to the gorilla reminded me of a trip to the zoo...we were standing right at the glass looking for the mountain lion when he came charging out of no where right at youngest started backing up so fast she almost knocked me over...I think she thought he was coming to get her....thanks for the memory!!!

  2. you kids are adorable!

    im trying to follow your blog, but there is no link for me to follow :(


  3. Thanks to both Heather and BD. Heather, I think if you "Join this Site" and use your google account to sign in you can follow the blog.