Friday, August 26, 2011

10 Years

Ten years ago today, at 20 years-old, I packed up my things, left my mother at the airport, and flew to St. Louis, Missouri. Awaiting in Missouri was not only my wonderful Aunt Laina, but a new life, new friends, and a new Megan. I had no idea what would be waiting for me. I had no idea who I would become. Moving to Missouri has proven to be one of the best decisions of my life. It's not that I don't love my hometown of Kent or my home state of Ohio, but in order for me to truly realize my own potential and become the woman I am today, I needed Columbia, Missouri.

I lived in Columbia for five years before relocating to South Carolina. While I lived in Missouri, I experienced every possible emotion that our hearts and minds allow us to feel: fear, anger, disappointment, frustration, hurt, confusion, fatigue, and love. I experienced life and grew from an insecure 20 year-old girl, to a woman and most importantly a mother. When I left Missouri, I left with a three week old baby boy who changed the course of my life and the capacity of my heart. I also met so many good friends that I can't even begin to name. Our dysfunctional lives intertwined and created a pseudo-family for all of us displaced souls. Out of those wonderful friends, I also met my future husband. When we met, I was an annoying server/bartender with a crush on the kitchen manager. Our beginning was non-traditional, dramatic, and confusing, but somehow we have emerged ten years later married, with three beautiful and healthy children, and a pretty happy life. Had I not made the unresearched, completely impromptu decision to move to Missouri, I would not have the husband, kids, and life I have now.

My main purpose to move to Columbia, Missouri was to obtain a degree in meteorology. I did it, but not until I suffered (I say suffer because it was an extremely hard program) through four years at the University of Missouri. Although the degree is completely a calculus-based scientific program, its high expectations and rigorous course work has prepared me for my current study of the law.

I am thankful for my courageous decision, at 20 years-old, to move away my family and friends, my hometown, and what I knew to go on an adventure towards the unknown. I had no idea life was waiting for me and had no idea the significance of my decision; ten years later I do. Without Missouri, I would not have continued my education to receive a Master's degree. I would not be enrolled in law school now. I would not have lived in South Carolina and met my wonderful friends there or began my career in the environmental sector.

Ten years ago, I had no idea. Ten years later, I know.


  1. Beautiful honey!! Congrats! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Congrats and way to go!!! It takes a lot to leave your family and friends behind. As much as we miss our two girls we know that, had we not pushed them hard when they were little and expected a ton from them as they grew up, they would not have had the strength to go away to college, graduate, and hold down excellent jobs in cities far far away from us. Can you tell we are proud of them!!! Megan, I applaud you for having that same strength of character. It will take you far and get you through the tough times as you are well aware. Again, Congrats!!!

  3. Aw, great story! I too am a Mizzou alum! About 5 years ahead of you. But Mizzou changed my life too:) I went to Missouri not knowing a soul, had an amazing 5 years there and left with a degree and a husband too:)

  4. Love it & So glad you came to Missouri too! I feel blessed that I could be one of the displaced souls you met :) Such great memories and here is to the next fun fabulous 10 years!

  5. We are grateful you moved to town too! And now I just miss you more...