Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hanging Out In Chicago

I am in Chicago with my mom, Aida, and Ivie celebrating my cousin's birthday and hanging out my aunt and cousins...Girls Weekend! We are having a blast. This has been a great break from Ohio and my busy life there. Scott and Jackson seem to be having a good weekend minus the girls. When my mom talked to Jackson she asked him if he missed his sisters and he said "I miss Ivie". My mom said "What about Aida?" Jackson said "Can I talk to Ivie?"

I start summer classes on Tuesday: Not much of a break. Finals were rough. I am so glad the semester is over. Hopefully summer classes won't be as bad.

Jackson and Ivie had good birthdays. Jackson got a bike. Both of them had blue cake.

Jackson only has three more days of school and Aida two more weeks. I can't believe summer is already here. We are having a birthday party for Jackson and Ivie on June mark your calendars.

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