Thursday, May 26, 2011

Aida's "Festival of the Arts"

Yep, Aida had an "art show". Her art show consisted of ten different pieces of work ranging from mixed media to sand. I was SO impressed. Aida is such an artsy girl (some might say free-spirited.) She attends a REALLY GOOD preschool. One of six schools in Franklin County to receive an excellent rating (of some sort...if I wasn't two glasses of wine deep I might be able to recall the exact title...)

Aida's "Mama" :-)


I'll be happy when we get sod! When I am gone in the evenings at class, apparently it becomes a good idea to not only let our kids play in the sod-less, nail-infested muddy yard, but the neighborhood kids too. We are slowly reaching the status as the "funnest" house in the neighborhood: Thank you daddy Scott Weidner and THANK YOU Mama for being away three nights every week!
Congrats to Scott:

Tomorrow Scott begins his role as GM of his own account! He definitely deserves it!

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  1. where does Scott work these days? I will be in Columbus for ComFest June 24-26; want to meet on the grass for a big ol' cup of ComFest beer?? xoxoxo