Sunday, March 9, 2014

Polar Vortex

It's cold here in Ohio. That's really all people talk about.  "Hey, how are you today". "Oh, sure is cold out there." Every conversation.  The Polar Vortex and all of the Weather Channel-suspensefully-named winter storms of 2014 are about the only thing going on in Northeast Ohio.  In true Ohio fashion...seriously, the weather has sucked.  I can't remember when I've experienced a winter like this one. It's horrible. Why do I live here?

The kids are doing well.  We had a rough first week of February as Aida battled a serious eye infection in the hospital for three days.  As a parent, the resilience of your children and the ability of you to cope is amazing. I didn't realize the seriousness of the infection until she was out of the hospital. God works in great ways. It was a good thing. It kept me sane during the three-day hospital stay. I was a zombie but it saved me and I was able to care for Aida. Thank God.

JHRW is doing well. Baseball these days is serious biz. I mean seriously, he's 8. He practices indoors once a week. When I was eight we practiced when and if the weather was nice in April.

Ivie is Ivie. She is an enormous ball of energy and laughter in our house. Her and Scott are best friends and she has started calling him her "friendy friend". She addresses him as friend, not daddy.

This winter has been hard; not just weather wise but emotionally. I'm looking forward to spring and the blossoming of new opportunities, fresh air and sunshine.

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