Tuesday, February 7, 2012


"There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction." Winston Churchill
Life has thrown some crazy curveballs lately. At first the pitches seemed untimely, scary and unfortunate, but now I'm think they may have been a blessing in disguise. Change is a hard concept, especially when you are focused on one particular path. When that path changes directions, life can be stressful. My path has not been chosen yet, but I am at least open to the possibilities. My grandmother always reminds me to listen to the small still voice that is within all of us. When I attended the Jewish Temple in South Carolina, the Rabbi also talked about this voice. This voice is God and God is within all of us. As I make my decision and determine if the change is in the right direction, I will listen to that voice. More on this later...
Ever wonder how long a toddler can cry? Surely Vegas has an over/under on this sort of thing. We are going on 25 minutes. And yes, I am talking about Ivie. She is definitely entering the terrible twos.
Today was watch day at Aida's dance school. Normally, the parents do not get to watch the kids practice. About every two months the school holds watch week and the parents get to go in the rooms during practice. Aida also thought it was a good idea to share with the teachers and other moms how "daddy and Jackson like to fart." She went on about this for about five minutes; a great moment for the Weidner household.
Jackson is enjoying basketball and is getting much better. He is also doing well in school. He was such a good helper the past two days while I was terribly sick. He got himself ready for school and packed his lunches. He even made me a get-well card.

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  1. What is the meaning of this?!? Coupled with the recent text...I don't know what to think..hope all is well. Maeve