Friday, January 6, 2012

Differences in personalities

I find it amazing that three little people can come from the same two big people, live in the same house, and have two completely different personalities! Although we are not exactly sure of Ivie's personality, we do know for sure that Jackson and Aida are VERY different.

Jackson is exactly like me: He is particular, timid, quirky, and conservative. Aida is just like Scott: She is adventurous, fun, fearless, and very outgoing. There are things that Jackson does that I know I did as a child that must have drove my parents nuts (i.e. being afraid of everything and a very specific bed time routine). I don't know about Scott, but feel bad and commend my parents for putting up with my strangeness as a child. (I commend Scott for putting up with it now.)

So what brought about this post? Well, pudding snacks of all things. The allocation of twelve pudding snacks to three kids has made me realize the very distinct personalities of my children. I had a coupon for pudding snacks AND they were on sale, which means that the kids scored three packs of pudding snacks at the grocery store (for those that do not know, I do not buy anything unless it is on sale AND I have a coupon). Three packs of pudding snacks with four cups in each pack means, well you do the math, four to each child.

(Back to the personalities: Jackson has an obsessive personality like me and Aida has an addictive personality like Scott. Both personalities equal the kids obsessing over any kind of snack or candy that enters the house.)

In an effort to curb the constant firing of questions from the kids to us about the pudding snacks, I told the kids they each get four and to eat them as they chose. If that meant eating all of them that night, then so be it. I bought the pudding yesterday. Can you guess how many each kid has left?


Jackson: 4 Aida: 0 Ivie: 1

I love those kids!

Here are some pictures from today. We had a beautiful day (55 degrees) so the girls and I were able to get outside for awhile! Unfortunately, since Jackson was at school, I didn't get any pictures of him.

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