Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mini Black!

Pee Wee football is over. The tense Saturday afternoons, worrying about Scott yelling expletives at the coach and other parents, and three-nights-a-week practices are over. I thought about putting an exclamation point, but now that it is actually done, well, it's kind of sad (Well except for being worried about Scott embarrassing me): I thoroughly enjoyed watching Jackson play. I started to get to know the other parents and Jackson was just starting to really understand the game.

Mini Black lost today, but the boys improved tremendously over the season. Jackson became a decent football player. Today he had a good blocks and tackles and ran the ball twice for a couple of first downs. Dare I say: I am looking forward to next season! (Exclamation point)

As for everyone else: The Weidners visited this weekend to see Jackson play so the kids had fun with their grandparents and Scott and I had a chance to go to dinner last night. Aida is Aida and Ivie is really becoming her own little person. I have an Evidence midterm tomorrow that I'm just not sure about. I know the rules, but I seem to have trouble applying the requirements. I hope something clicks by tomorrow at 6 p.m. Scott...well, it's football season...need I say more?!?

Jackson and I being tough.

Three generations of Weidner boys.


  1. Too cute. Can you believe EJ is playing 4/5 year old flag football. It took 3 games for them to know what direction to run. :-) i refuse to buy pictures b/c he'll be playing for anither 14 years at least. I hope you're exam went well.

  2. Man, my spelling was horrible in that comment. Typing on an iPad